Private Legalization


Please follow the steps below when submitting a document for legalization to the Consular Section at the Embassy:

1. Private documents need to be authenticated by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (more info) before being sent to the Embassy.

    The translated documents will have to be authenticated as well.

2. Send the documents by regular mail or hand them into the CONSULAR SECTION at the date/time specified through the pre-arranged appointment system.

3. PROCESS TIME: Handed-in documents are processed in 3-4 business days. Mailed-in documents are processed in one week to ten business days.

Please include the following:

  • The original document that needs to be legalized plus one photocopy for the consular section
  • Fee: 550 SEK per document. 
  • Fees will be collected for the original and for the translated document.


  • Documents cannot be legalized if the Embassy does not possess at its disposal a specimen signature of the undersigning official and a sample of the relevant seal or stamp, or if they do not comply with the document processing requirements specified in the legislation (for example, translations or copies are not bound together and sealed, the document is laminated, etc.).

4. If documents are having Swedish or Latvian as original languages, translation into Arabic or English will be required.

MAILED DOCUMENTS: Please provide a self-addressed, stamped, and registered (REK) envelope for the return of the documents. The Embassy will not be

held responsible for any loss of documents by mail.

Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Att. Consular Section

Strandvägen 35

114 56 Stockholm

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